The Value Of An Audience Creation System

The strategy for successfully scaling adspend is actually quite simple...

The above video talks about how we used this exact method to scale a brand from $0 in adspend to $6.8 million in adspend in one year. 

And every one of our case studies and success stories used this exact method to grow their adspend. 

Jordan Craig used it to scale to $1M in ad revenue in one quarter. 

Notes To Self used it to scale up over $100k in one month. 

In fact, I would go as far as to say that I don’t believe it’s possible to scale up and retain profitability without doing it this way. 

90% of the brands attempting to scale their ad spend... 

… either struggle with massive swings in performance


try to aggressively scale once and fail. 

I can tell you with supreme confidence that the only way to consistently scale without losing profitability is to become great at Audience Creation. 

Once you can stack up successful audiences like lego blocks, you will have a high-performance ad account and an apparel brand that can scale each month.

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