Ads vs. Campaigns: How The Top 1% Of Apparel Advertisers Stay Ahead

"I see some brands crushing it and their ads are everywhere...but every time I try to run ads it doesn't work and I can't ever scale it up"

That's what I hear all the time from the founders of fashion and apparel brands...

If you are wondering why this is the case, here are some things to consider:

A major difference that no one talks about is that the Top 1% of apparel advertisers are focusing on Campaigns over Ads.

And when you dig deeper it's really their strategy that sets them apart and informs every aspect of their customer acquisition system.

Their systemized strategic approach allows them to experience the following while everyone else lags behind.

Here are just a few of the ways their strategic systemized approach sets them apart:

The Top 1% … know their scaling velocity, how much to spend on ads in order to get X amount back in revenue
Everyone else … casino mentality, everything feels like a crap shoot

The Top 1% … plan months ahead to maximize specific seasons and holidays
Everyone else … scrambles to throw something together last minute

The Top 1% … create unique highly targeted audiences that no other brand can advertise to
Everyone else … uses random interest targeting hoping to find their audience

The Top 1% … focus on profitability, conversions and achieving higher ROAS
Everyone else … gets likes and clicks but rarely a sale

The Top 1% … know exactly who they are talking to and targeting for each campaign
Everyone else … feels like they are not reaching the right people with their ads

The Top 1% … grow consistently with each month building on the last
Everyone else … sees wild fluctuations in performance, can’t string together profitable months

The Top 1% … gain actionable insights from their data - thus getting better and better with each campaign
Everyone else … what do all these numbers even mean

The Top 1% … focus on quality and unique differentiation within their niche
Everyone else … is in a desperate race to the bottom, constantly marking things on sale

The Top 1% … follow a proven ad strategy and has a systematic, repeatable process
Everyone else … is guessing and doing things randomly

The Top 1% … leverage machine automation
Everyone else … does everything manually by hand

If you aren’t doing what the top brands in fashion and apparel are doing…

What are you doing?

Eventually every founder gets tired of the same old random ads and below average results over and over again. Once they finally reach the point of demanding a real change in their results, they take the time to learn how the successful brands are
doing it.

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