How To Maximize Profit During A Peak Season

One of the challenges almost all apparel brands face is seasonality...

From the Holidays to Valentine’s Day to Spring/Summer, there are natural peaks and valleys throughout the year. 

For an apparel brand, there should be 2 primary goals when it comes to ad strategy:

1. Increasing revenue in the offseason to balance out the year

2. Maximizing revenue, profit and scale during each peak season

In this post we’ll go over #2. 

First and foremost, Preparation. 

“Every battle is won before it’s ever fought” 

There is no scenario where an unprepared brand will ‘wing it’ and figure it out during the chaos of a peak season, and then somehow magically hit a record month or quarter. It just isn’t going to happen. You have to be prepared for scale. 

Second, it all starts with Ad Data. 

“Without data, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway”

In a compressed time period, like a holiday or a season, you don’t have the luxury of ‘guessing-and-testing’ for weeks on end. In order to maximize revenue and profit, you need to be there with winning ad images, videos, headlines, copy and placements right out of the gate. The customers are buying now and won’t wait for you to figure it out. 

The solution is to use apparel industry ad data to build each winning ad from the ground up. This isn’t the time to guess or hope something works. Go with what has proven to work and move on to the two most important things in a season. 

Third, Audiences, Audiences, Audiences. 

“Hitting a record month without an audience creation strategy is mathematically impossible”

To give yourself a chance at a record month and achieve more than what you have before, you have to reach more people than you ever have before. The trick is, they must be qualified customers for your brand. 

Think of audiences as lego blocks. The higher you can stack successful lego blocks (audiences), the more you will maximize your revenue and profit potential for the season. 

This audience strategy must be in place before the holiday or season begins so that you have the proper time to ramp up. 

Which brings us to, Scaling Velocity. 

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together”

Once you have high-performing data-driven ads and audiences, you are set up for scale and a record holiday or season.
Now it all comes down to scaling velocity. Many advertisers get this wrong and when they do, it counteracts everything you’ve done up until this point. 
There is an art and a science to not being too aggressive and also not being so timid that you leave opportunity on the table. The science part can be solved by working with the FB algorithm properly. 
The art of scale can be solved with preparation. With enough time, you can project out the days/weeks/months of a season or holiday and call your shot on the revenue goal you want to hit. 
With Laura from Notes To Self, she predetermined that her goal was to hit a record month of $100,000 or more in revenue...even though the year before she had only done 15k. 
She asked if that was a crazy goal or did I think it was realistic?
I answered... we better get started now on ad data, audiences, and scaling velocity. 

Get started today... 
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